Santa Cruz de La Palma Open Mice zone

Santa Cruz de La Palma is the capital of the island. It is a small but cosy town which has been declared as a Cultural Asset (category: historic-artistic setting) Main streets are examples of Canary arquitecture, palaces, houses, theatres, churches and squares, together with the ambiance and the comfortable temperature makes of the city a unique space for organizing your events.

Wlhat does “Open MICE zone” means?

We give your company the possibility , of choosing several spaces very near between themselves, (in a radius of 250 m). Using the the streets and the city centre as part of your congress, which you can enjoy whilst participating in the meetings in a different and original way.

Santa Cruz de La Palma opens the doors of most emblematic and historic buildings of the city, totally conditioned, where you can organize your events. You can choose different options, places and buildings in line with your needs.