The cuisine of La Palma is full of contrasts, well spiced dishes and fresh and healthy ingredients, due to the climate and the different cultural influences that the island has had throughout its history.

In addition, many of its products are homemade and are under protected designation of origin, such as cheese and wine (some of them are among the best of the world).


Our cuisine and delicious products can be found in many restaurants, many of them offer the fusion of our food with the different cultural influences thorughout our history. You can find from the most modern to the most traditional ones.


La Palma offers catering companies with knowledge, quality and expertise, ensuring tranquillity and enjoyment of our customers throughout the process. The companies offer a personalized management service tailored to your event

They use local ingredients always keeping in mind our customers

They offer all the services needed, such as: equipment and decoration; sound and lighting; bar services, music, DJs, etc.