Quad routes

La Palma is also a place where quad-bike routes are offered. Enjoy the excitement of riding one around some parts of the island.


The seabed of La Palma is famous for being volcanic, steep and deep. It has many caves, banks and crevices, some of them are protected due to their value and singularity, also there are large sandy areas.

Adventure Park

Acropark is an adventure park that is set within nature. Wooden platforms, steel cables, flying foxes, postman bridges, swing bridges, rope ladders and nets. The trees form trails that provide varying levels of difficulty.


The waters around La Palma’s coast are also suitable for kayaking, especially the protected coast of Fuencaliente.


La Palma is the hikers’ paradise. The Island Network of Paths, which covers the entire territory, now runs to almost 1,000 kilometres, all fully indicated.

Mountain Bike

To cycle between the volcanic lava plains, crossing the forests of Canarian Pines or Laurisilva to reach the coast of the Island. Changing the landscape constantly makes La Palma a paradise to enjoy cycling and MTB. There are several routes that will make this activity enjoyable.


You can delve into the spectacular volcanic tubes under the ground and learn about the volcanic geological origin of the island.

Boats Ship

Puerto de Tazacorte, on the west coast of La Palma, is the island base for boat trips. You can observe a multitude of caves and banks, and with luck, in addition you will have the opportunity to see cetaceans.


La Palma in the Canary Islands is a very unique and exotic place to practice climbing, due to the steep and rugged landscapes of the island.