La Palma has exceptional natural resources that make her and amazing island.

Its natural enviroment offer you a great possibility to enjoy your event, in a different way than a traditional meeting , perfoming activities and playing sports, that will collaborate the participation between the company members.

We can highlight the followings:


San Martín (1646), San Antonio (1677), El Charco (1712), San Juan (1949) or Teneguía (1971) are some of them where you can enjoy the impresive lava fields.


Los Tilos is one of the most important Laurisilva woods in the world (third age typical woods).

National Parkl

La Caldera de Taburiente National Park, represents the canary pine tree ecosystem. It is part of a Volcanic Crater where you can enjoy impressive cliffs and a small river crossing across the park.


La Palma has fully prepared ones where you can find all the needs and also virgin ones, with clear water and black sand.